Findlaters Yamaha


Findlaters Yamaha has been established in Balclutha for over 50 years. Alistair and Jordan became owners of Findlaters Yamaha in November 2018 and had a website through Yamaha, but decided they wanted to do a website their way. They got in touch with Turboweb as another motorcycle brand they knew recommended us.


Alistair and Jordan wanted a website that was simple and easy to use, with big banners to promote the latest motorcycle specials. Findlaters Yamaha sells more than just motorcycles; with lawnmowers, chainsaws and power products also available but not displayed anywhere on their existing website. They wanted a website that was easy for them to update and mobile-friendly for visitors.


The Findlaters Yamaha website is a clean modern website design that lets the images and products shine through. It showcases the knowledgeable team at Findlaters Yamaha while showing their product range and services on offer. It has news and events which the team can update regularly to the latest Yamaha and motorcycle events or showcase photos from past events.

The Findlaters Yamaha website shows that they’re more than just a Yamaha dealer, but also that they sell and support the local forestry industry through chainsaws, power products and chains. They also sell and service a wide range of lawnmowers and ride-on mowers. Their parts team are incredibly knowledgeable, and they have a great range of products and accessories instore.


The development team at Turboweb built a custom display for bikes and products for Findlaters Yamaha. The bikes display in a simple and easy to navigate grid on desktop, with information around their model and price and some key specification with a link through to more information on the Yamaha website. While the lawnmowers show all the basic information and pricing needed to give customers a good idea of the range in stock.


Turboweb had a photographer travel to Findlaters Yamaha in Balclutha to do a day photoshoot, while there they had professional staff photos, shots of the building taken, and product shots to showcase all their stock. The staff photos look fantastic as they all have the same white background and are all in their uniform. It gives a professional look to the About page.

Professional photography also really helps their products shine and makes their website look fantastic. What’s even better is they own the photography so can use it on any other promotional materials, say product promotions, social media and more.


'When we took over our business (Findlaters Yamaha) in November 2018, there wasn’t a website which showed all of the products that we sold so we couldn’t use it across our advertising platforms. For us, that was one thing we wanted to change in our first year.
The idea of designing a new website from scratch was daunting as we didn’t know the first thing about websites. The main criteria for us were to have a website that was easy to update, easy for people to use, it needed to be mobile-friendly and it had to meet the requirements of the Yamaha franchise. After speaking to another Yamaha dealer who had recently created a new website with Turboweb which we really liked, we approached them to discuss what we were wanting to do and it was as easy as that.
The process from the beginning was very straight-forward and simple which was just what we needed as we were still busy trying to navigate our new business. All off the nitty-gritty stuff that I was worried about was taken care of. It met the franchise requirements straight away and after a bit of coaching on the admin side of it, I can now easily update the website whenever I need to. The end result is an easy to use, mobile-friendly, visually appealing website so it ticked all of the boxes!
Not only did Turboweb design our website, they took care of all of the “behind-the-scenes” side of it by working with our I.T. man over the phone and via email to sort it which was perfect. We really couldn’t have asked for much more.
We are very proud of the website we have and are excited to finally have one we can advertise to generate more business. I’m glad we partnered with Turboweb to bring our ideas to the screen.'

- Jordan - Findlaters Yamaha.