Exit Funerals


Exit Funerals offer an affordable and alternative option to traditional funerals, which can be surprisingly expensive. Exit Funerals offer a cremation service and have three service options to suit different budgets. What we particularly like is that in the 40-minute service option you can celebrate a life lived in whatever way you want – with no set agenda or religious undertones. They also help with all the paperwork, which, in the event of sudden death, is fantastic, because who needs paperwork when you’re going through all that.


Gary at Exit Funerals wanted something that was inclusive, inviting and contemporary. Emphasising that they offer an affordable funeral option was also something to be included on the website.  He wanted the website to be easy for people to navigate to their three cremation options.


The Exit Funerals website is a calming and relaxed website that is clean and contemporary. It has a beautiful full banner with call out buttons to learn more or contact, which makes it easy for people to get in touch and look further on the website. The website then has a custom-built services page, where their three services are explained, with an indication of the price and an easy to use enquiry form.


Gary at Exit Funerals also had business cards and brochures made up, as he’s recently taken over the business and rebranded, so along with the website, it’s a good opportunity to look at the brand and introduce people to it.