Evansdale Cheese Revamp


Evansdale Cheese make delicious artisan cheese out of Hawkesbury Village, just outside of Dunedin. The Dennison family started making cheese back in 1978 as Evansdale Cheese (originally out at Evansdale) and continue to run a family owned and operated business that sells cheese all over New Zealand at farmers markets, eateries and online.  Starting out with just one cow, Evansdale Cheese now work with 1,500 litres of milk a day and produce around 20-30 varieties of delicious cheese. Evansdale Cheese have had a website through Turboweb for years. Their website has a lot of focus on the online store, with a lot of customers getting introduced to Evansdale Cheese at their local market, and then going online to buy more.


Evansdale Cheese wanted to update the website to 2017, while keeping a lot of the great content and store all there. Showcasing the cheese in all its beauty, and telling the story of Evansdale Cheese was important to the brand. Evansdale Cheese wanted the images of cheese to really tell the story and speak for themselves.


The new Evandale Cheese website is clean, classic and has an understated elegance. The cheese has been beautifully photographed by our Turboweb photographer, and understated colour scheme on the website lets the photographs pop really bring the cheeses to life. The images are large and prominent, and it’s easier than ever before for customers to buy cheese – with four simple call out buttons on the homepage. Evansdale Cheese’s history is expanded on with the About Us section and History pages. The Wedding Cheese Cakes page also has a beautiful grid style gallery, showing people the possibilities of an Evansdale Wedding Cheese Cake.


Evansdale cheese has had the same webpage since "Adam was a boy," and it had become out-dated and very slow to use. It was high past time for an update.

We have been delighted with the work done by the Turboweb team, and the person who was the coordinator for us; Sarah Moffitt, her help and advice was invaluable to us in every way.

The easy manner in how she sorted out everything we were able to throw at her was most impressive and this made the whole process as easy as ordering ones favourite drink.

Thank you to everyone involved and we are delighted with the end results.

Yours sincerely, Pablo