Delta Psychology - Revamp


Delta Psychology is a group of therapists, located in the John Wickliffe House building, who offer clinical psychology and related disciplines. They have specialist areas in trauma therapy and ethics consultancy, along with relationship counselling and workplace restructuring. The Greek letter delta is the universal symbol for change, and so the Delta Psychology logo and ethos is ‘change for the better’.


Delta Psychology wanted to update their website to bring it into 2018. They wanted the website to be more inviting, easier to navigate and better across mobile. They like that their website is something they can continue to add content to. They wanted to better showcase their staff, and their specialist areas, so that people can more easily find the specialist for them.


The new Delta Psychology website is incredibly easy to read and navigate. Staff are really showcased – with large photos, their title and qualifications, along with their specific professional paths within psychology. This helps people find the ideal practitioner to meet their needs, whether it’s attention deficit disorder, mood management (such as depression or anxiety), post-traumatic stress disorder, or workplace issues, it makes it a lot easier for potential clients to find the right psychologist for them and establish an idea of who they will be working with to solve their issues.

The website also has easy to navigate callout boxes on the homepage to Assessment, Therapy and Consultancy. The banner image across several call-outs makes Delta Psychology seem inviting, while the FAQs section and resources help people unfamiliar with psychology get a better understanding of what it is, and where to look for help.