Decom Electrical


Decom Electrical is a multi-disciplined engineering company specialising in high voltage design and electrical projects. Based in Invercargill with over 20 years in the industry, Decom's mission is to provide high quality, cost-effective service to its clients, backed by a highly motivated and skilled workforce.


We really needed a new website to improve our online image. The previous website was not that easy for us to keep updated and subsequently was never maintained. It looked old and tired.

We would get regular visits from the Turboweb rep who was enthusiastic and helpful. They won over our Office Administrator who recommended looking into using Turboweb.
Our main concern going into the project was the amount of time we thought would be involved in getting a new website up and running. In the end, this was fairly straightforward, as Turboweb did most of the donkey work with very little input from us.


The process was really painless. We supplied company information, photos and a brief bio of what we do. Turboweb put together a proof for us to look at it. Then some final tweaking, a few hours of training and we were on our way.

We are pretty happy with the new website, it’s certainly a step up on the old one. One of the benefits is that we have the ability to keep the website up to date and looking good. If something is beyond our capabilities, Turboweb are great at giving us back up.

Steve - Decom Electrical