David Wall Photo Tours


David Wall is a professional travel photographer who has been in the industry for over 25 years and has published a whopping 16 photography books on Africa and New Zealand. David offers photography tours that run for a day (from Dunedin – great for anyone stopping in on a cruise ship), unique five-day tours such as the New Zealand autumn tour and amazing five-week African photo tours. Most tours have a maximum of five people; this allows everyone, from beginners to experts who want to learn a little more, to get one-on-one tuition and the insight of an expert. They’re ideal for travellers who want that great mix of experience and learning.


David wanted a clean and crisp website that really showcases his photography. He wanted a contemporary website that was minimalist in design and an FAQ page that expanded to help anyone interested in booking a tour.

The photo gallery for David is a really important element of the website. It needed to work effortlessly and seamlessly to feature his amazing work to potential customers. David’s tours and workshops are listed on the website, with David easily able to update and change tours and workshops to suit his timeline.


The photo gallery for David's photo tours website was a lot of fun to make as there are challenges with images including things such a load speed and format (as photos come in both landscape and portrait). Turboweb worked with David to get a design that worked for him so that he could continue to upload new photographs and works. The grid format easily works with portrait and landscape and really makes the colours of David’s photos pop.

The expandable FAQs are another part of the website that is specific to David Wall Photo Tours, this means anybody interested will get a little taste of photography with each little bit of advice. The large revolving homepage banner also gives visitors a great taste of the vibrancy, professionalism and variety of work that David offers people on his photo tours.


The whole process was very easy, with good communication.

I have several other websites, but the new Photo Tour business needed a stand-alone website with its own booking and payment section. With some previous websites in the past, I’ve had significant cost over-runs and had to continually pay for minor changes, so these were two things that I wanted to avoid.

Turboweb gave me a set price for my website and had a system where it’s simple for me to make any changes and add new pages (and photo tours and workshops). I was also looking for a local business, so it’s possible to have face-to-face meetings if necessary and go over design, optimisation etc.

Changes and refinements to the design were undertaken quickly so the whole process was hassle-free.

I’ve very happy with the final results and how easy it is for me to instantly change pages or make new ones. That way, I can improve and evolve the website as David Wall Photo Tours gets established.

David Wall - David Wall Photo Tours.