Burford Tank Cleaning


Leigh Burford knows water tank cleaning. He grew up in the concrete water tank industry, joining the family firm in 1976, and has a lifetime of knowledge and experience in water tanks. Leigh sold his concrete water tank manufacturing business in 2018 and is putting all his time and energy into Burford Water Tank Cleaning. With the change in focus came a new website and a new logo. Leigh worked with our content team to put his knowledge to paper and create a website that is informative on water tank cleaning and gives visitors great advice on the condition of their tank.


Leigh wanted a website that informs people of the health benefits and risks associated with poor water and poor water storage systems. Unlike other competitors, Leigh doesn’t use harsh chemicals to clean your tank, just solid effort. Leigh wanted a modern design that predominately used blue, grey and white. The main purpose of the website is to get people picking up the phone calling Leigh to organise a tank clean, so Leigh’s phone number is nice and big on the footer.


Leigh wanted a new logo that would be used for not just the website but also on his business card and vehicle. He likes by-lines and logos that have brightness and clarity. Turboweb went with a logo that is simple and versatile and looks great on the website. Using dots means the design follows through to the truck trailer and can be used as a design feature on the website as well.


Water Tank cleaning is one of those things that we all put off (anyone who has one that is). Before you know it, it’s been years. One of the key components of Burford Tank Cleaning is informing people of the risks involved in not getting your tank cleaned regularly and educating visitors on the importance of water tank cleaning so that you then realise it’s one of those things you really shouldn’t put off.

Leigh worked with the content team to come up with several pages on the website that help educate visitors on the importance of water tank cleaning including a FAQs, ‘Why clean my tank?’ and the process involved in cleaning a water tank. Leigh’s gallery is an eye opener into the before and after of water tank cleaning and an About page and Contact page build trust in the brand and show Leigh’s history in the industry.

'I sold my business and so needed a new website. I wanted it completed before the summer season, so anyone could call me off the website for their water tank cleaning. I’d worked with Turboweb in the past so had no worries, I know they’re pretty easy going and do a good job.' – Leigh Burford.