Brent Wheeler Group


Brent Wheeler Group is an economics, investment and governance firm based in Dunedin. Headed by Brent Wheeler, the company believes in building long-lasting relationships with mutually beneficial value. Rosemary and Brent are what some would describe as real ‘numbers people’. Brent has a PhD in economic geography and has spent 30 years studying and applying economic theory to help all types of businesses and organisations. While Rosemary began her career in Finance and has a Diploma in Business Management.


Brent Wheeler Group has had a website with Turboweb for some time, along with a blog on BlogSpot. Come 2018, and the website was starting to look a bit outdated, and they wanted the blog to be fully integrated with the website. Brent Wheeler Group wanted to revamp their existing website to give clarity to their content, making it super clear for visitors to find what they were looking for and gain insight into what Brent Wheeler Group offer. Turboweb worked closely with Rosemary to have the new vision of the Brent Wheeler Group website brought to life.


The Brent Wheeler Group website needed to be easy for Brent and Rosemary to update, particularly the blog; Eye2theLongRun, which has been running for well over five years. The website clearly shows what the Brent Wheeler Group are all about with business services, economics, investment and governance under their title.
The latest blog post shows up on the Homepage, along with links to Facebook and LinkedIn in the top banner of the website. Contact details are easy to see on the bottom of the website, along with Brent’s profile featured on the homepage. Buttons with ‘Learn More’ and ‘More Posts’ make it easy for readers to find something of interest in the snippets and explore more on the website.  This is a fantastic example of a website that has so much fantastic text-based content, that it could look cluttered and heavy, but with the clean clear design, it looks great and encourages readers to explore more of the website.


‘Our Previous website with Turboweb accommodated our requirements for mimicking a Windows 10 like website. A few years on, and it was time to update. This time our requirement was for simplicity and understatement. Turboweb listened to our requirements and worked with us to put together a website which created the impression that we wanted to convey.’

Rosemary Harris - Brent Wheeler Group

‘Turboweb are especially strong listeners who attend to exactly what they are asked to do bringing plenty of hi-tech web-savvy to the task.’

Brent Wheeler - Brent Wheeler Group