Beeline Supplies


Some of you might not realise that Turboweb don’t just do websites, but also do a wide range of design and marketing. A classic, contemporary design that Turboweb have had the pleasure of working with for a number of years is Beeline Supplies. Beeline Supplies is located in Mosgiel and is one of those quality shops that anyone interested in beekeeping in the area knows about.
Adrienne from Beeline Supplies has worked closely with Turboweb over a number of years on a number of marketing projects encompassing a logo, business cards, car wrap, clothing, marketing for trade shows, and website with an online store and beekeeping community directory. Adrienne and the team at Beeline Supplies are truly passionate about bees and what they do, as well as seeing their vision for their business through to a reality.


Beeline Supplies wanted a website design and logo that reflected the nature of their business. They’re down to earth, professional, approachable, knowledgeable, and reliable. For the logo and overall look they wanted something that was happy and illustrative, but not cartoon-like. They also wanted to reflect the bee keeping nature of things – using sky blue and yellow colours to give a summery feel.


The Beeline Supplies website is a nice breath of fresh air. It uses vibrant colours and a honeycomb pattern to tie in the bee theme. The website has a great store module where you can quickly and easily see their great range of bee products. Whether you’re just starting out in beekeeping or stocking up on a few needed supplies, it’s easy to navigate and find the range available on their online store – with a shopping cart, grid of products, categories side list and even a search bar to find exactly what you’re after.
The website has a great links module with links to handy things like the American Foulbrood National Pest Management website (as you’re legally obligated to register as a beekeeper). Beeline Supplies are more than just a store and are passionate about supporting the beekeeping community. That’s why they have a great Bee Club page where you can find the location of all the bee clubs across the country. It uses the honeycomb motif and brings up the address, website, and contact details, which is great for anyone starting out in the industry.


We originally worked with Beeline Supplies on a logo design in 2013, this logo uses classic fonts and colours, with a bee silhouette and has stood the test of time, still standing proud as their logo in 2019. It’s also incredibly versatile, working across a wide range of print media and other applications.


Turboweb don’t just do websites, but often do a wide range of marketing for our clients. This ensures the website and marketing material are consistent with your brand message, style and quality. We’ve worked closely with Beeline Supplies over a number of years and a wide range of marketing products including business cards, clothing, fridge magnets, pull up banners for expos, gift vouchers, a price list cover design, letterhead, e-newsletter, and car wrap.
We love how the logo and imagery play throughout a wide variety of applications and the colour profile really sings through. The car wrap, in particular, is nice and bright – making it very eye catching and we’re sure a number of people will recognise the vehicle from around town. Expos and tradeshows can be pivotal to any brand and making a good impression in those first few seconds to crowds at any events is really important. That’s where small things like branded clothing and fridge magnets for people to take away with them can make all the difference – making your brand easier to recall and more likely to land a sale.


Turboweb had been recommended to us by another customer and so we made an appointment with Paul.

The main reason for wanting a website was to increase our profile in the Beekeeping industry. The only concern I had was me being able to navigate the admin page to add all the content. This was made very easy by the amazing support from all the staff. As we are only a small company that manufactures most of the woodware in our factory, an issue we had was making sure that we had enough stock when we finally went live.

The process has been brilliant. The help and support has been outstanding. The final result has exceeded our expectations, regarding the look, functionality and ease of navigation.

Adrienne - Administration and marketing, Beeline Supplies