Aukaha - Website Revamp


KTKO Ltd consultancy (Kai Tahu Ki Otago Consultancy) wished to update their website in 2017, as the business wanted to better showcase what they do and have better options for how to display their clinics.
KTKO also wished to rebrand to Aukaha – which originates from “kia kaha, au kaha - Unite, bind together,” a good phrase to encourage people to unite and work together.
KTKO/Aukaha helps with resource management and consent and provide a range of family health services and clinics to the greater Otago community. Encompassing Moeraki, Waitati, Purakanui and the Waitaki Valley. They have health clinics in Oamaru, Alexandra, Milton and South Dunedin. They provide health care services to tamariki (children) and rangatahi (youth). Particularly around sexual health, diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory screening, chronic disease, weight management and addiction referral.


Aukaha wished to update their website to bring it into 2018. They wanted to better showcase their health clinics and wanted to separate their staff into different service sections, so visitors to the website know exactly who they are looking for, or where they are to go. A focus on whanau (family) and community was needed, with a keeping to the green and blue colour scheme. Resource Management information is still available on the new website, but there needed to be a more extensive section on Health; including clinics, services, Tumai Ora, and healthy homes initiatives.


Turboweb helped Aukaha revamp their website to their new brand, and to help their website match their services better. Now it’s easy for people to see Aukaha’s many clinics in their specific locations, with maps to help visitors. Aukaha now has several different sections for the staff so that it’s easy for visitors to the website to find the person they are after.

The new website has a large banner that gives the website a great first impression, with a focus on tupuna (ancestors) and whanau (family) and how Aukaha can help you. The new website now has call out boxes for their specific service areas such as Resource Management, Tumai Ora Whanau Services, Health Clinics and He Ara Hou Whanau Services, making it clear and easy for visitors to navigate. New publications or documents produced by KTKO can easily be displayed using the News section on their website, and with the addition of a call out box on the Homepage having a direct download to the latest publication.