Aquapole - Revamp


Aquapole is an innovative product – it’s a stand alone indoor and outdoor shower system. Aquapole requires no in-wall plumbing, so it can be positioned anywhere within the floor space. Crafted from 316 grade stainless steel, it’s a long-lasting product that brings a level of sophistication to modern home interiors.


Aquapole had been with Turboweb for some time and in 2018, wanted to bring their website forward in design. With the internet moving more to mobile, they wanted to make sure their website was far more mobile friendly. Aquapole wanted to have a handy menu bar on the left, along with call-out boxes for their main products on the homepage.


The Aquapole website makes use of two main navigation areas – a left hand navigation bar and a navigation of key products on the homepage. This same design feature is then used across several pages such as the products page. The website has clear call to action buttons – with things like ‘Download Specifications’ as a clear button on product pages. They have a handy FAQs page, which is great to Search Engine Optimisation and they make great use of their customer testimonials by including pictures of their work with the testimonial.