Online Marketing

Turboweb Online Marketing

Here at Turboweb, we think online marketing should be simple. We’re all about finding the voice of our customers, so they can talk to their clients and capture more business. We work with New Zealand based businesses, mostly in Otago and Southland who have enough experience to know that they want to do a good job and partner with a professional team who can guide them through the minefield that can be online marketing.
We know that many of our customers are too busy to effectively manage their online content and marketing, they know they’re falling behind when it comes to replying to comments, engaging with customers online or updating their website, and that’s okay, we’re here to take care of it. With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. There are just so many social media platforms now and Google products, it can be overwhelming. We get it. Turboweb works with clients to cut out the noise and provide a clear focus for your marketing efforts.
Creating online content that really speaks about your brand takes planning and experience. We set up a framework for informed decision making and look at real statistics to make informed marketing decisions specific to each client and their target audience. We realise that every business is different and so create agile, flexible digital strategies that work in with what your business is already doing. It’s a classic kiwi trait to be getting on with it and doing great work but forgetting to tell people about it.
At Turboweb, we’re about transparency and real measurable statistics and results. If you set up advertising spend with us, we’ll tell you exactly where it goes, on what, and what you got from it. If it isn’t working for you, we’ll let you know, discuss why and give some other options so you can make the decisions. We’ve found this to be a rare philosophy in the online industry, and we’d like to be that change. The foundation of this is putting in place some good monitoring from the start.

Some of what Turboweb cover when it comes to Ongoing Online Marketing:

  • E-Newsletters – MailChimp integration, competitions, news items, events, surveys and more.
  • Analytics – The full Google package so you can have the stats you need to make informed decisions.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – helping you rank well on search engines like Google and Bing, etc.
  • Social Media – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, you name it. Social media community management and content creation.
  • Online advertising – Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google Ads, and more, there are lots of ways to spend money online and not know where it’s going.
  • Ongoing website content – testimonials, projects, news and events, new services, new staff profiles and more.

Online Marketing Packages

We do good work for great people and have a great time doing it. All our clients are unique and have a unique story to tell. We’re here to help tell that story online. We customise our online marketing strategy to each client, offering suggestions and choices so that our clients can make informed decisions when it comes to social media, online advertising and any online marketing decisions.

Google Set-up

With so many Google products now, it’s can be a bit overwhelming. We are happy to set these up so that you can keep track of how your business is performing online. That way, we are dealing with real data and minimising the guesswork.
The package includes Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google My Business and Google Analytics.

Dipping your toes in Online Marketing

We get it, you’re busy running your business, well our business is websites. If your website content or social media could do with a refresh, we are happy to take care of it for you. We offer regular updates such as new staff, new projects, a Christmas newsletter or online competition.

Deciding Online Marketing is for you

Turboweb has clients that meet with their marketing team on a weekly basis to help manage their social media accounts and online marketing while other clients might have a meeting once a month, or calendar in a few newsletters. We work with your marketing plan and budget to meet your goals online and help increase your business's exposure. Turboweb is here to take the pain away and set you apart from the pack.

If you’re interested, just give us a call on 0800 TURBOWEB (0800 887 269).