Why profile staff on your website?

31st Oct 2017

Why profile staff on your website?

31st Oct 2017
This is a question we get asked a lot a Turboweb. There’s a lot of advantages to profiling staff on your website, and we’ll cover some major pointers here. When it comes down to it, having staff photos and names on your About Us page gives credibility to your business and lets potential customers know that when it comes down to it, they are working with a real person.

Profiles build a connection to your business

Your website is a blank canvas, profiles create the emotion and connection that people get from dealing with people. The age old saying ‘’people do business with people” is so true here. Profiling staff builds trust in your business. It’s much easier to do business with people over the phone if you have a visual of what they look like, and having profiles can often direct people to who is the right person to call, saving your business time.

Profiles show off your staff

One of your staff may have a specialised talent, or work experience that adds to their current position, and so the credibility of your company. Showcasing your staff also helps build staff moral, as people feel valued by the business. Not only that, but potential employees, especially of generation X, are guaranteed to google your business and look at your staff profiles. Showcasing your staff, and new opportunities or skills that people can learn through your business, is a great advertisement to potential employees.

Profiles no longer need to be simple passport style photos

Profile photos no longer need to be a simple ‘passport style’ photo. Think about doing a group staff photo, or action shots – these work particularly well for shy staff behind the camera. For example, if you had building staff, they could be using a hammer or saw, or wait staff holding plates, or a barista behind a coffee machine. Action shots can give a great feel to the business.

Who should you profile on your website?

Profiles should be kept up to date. Our Simple Web Manager platform makes it simple and easy to add new staff, but we do recommend keeping photos as consistent as possible to keep your website looking professional. Asking yourself which staff deal with outside customers in day to day can help with deciding who to profile – as these people are customer facing, they’re a good start.
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