Website Copywriting

15th Jun 2018

Website Copywriting

15th Jun 2018

Don’t know where to start with your online marketing? Don’t know how to put your business into words online?

Your website information should be concise, and punchy – leaving customers feeling secure and relaxed about using your services or purchasing your products.

If you can articulate how customers can get problems solved using your services online and do it easily, in a way that your clients can relate to, they will assume you can fix them.

Optimising your website to include keywords and phrases, without compromising on the content for your readers and potential customers, can be a fine juggling act. Optimising your website so that it ranks well with search engines such as Google and Bing, and so increases in traffic; is hugely beneficial.

Website copywriting isn’t easy.

That’s why we have a qualified team of writers who can work with your business, whether face to face or over the phone and without any jargon, nut out what makes your business tick and how best to represent your company online. From the tone and feel of your company to key services and attributes. Writing for the web isn’t easy, if it was, everyone would do it! That’s why we’ve got a dedicated team to help with representing your company online.

What Turboweb provide:

  • Website copywriting
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media set-up and ongoing promotion and monitoring
  • Social media advertising
  • Google advertising
  • E-newsletters
  • Search Engine Optimisation

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