Turboweb's Simple Web Manager

24th Nov 2017

Turboweb's Simple Web Manager

24th Nov 2017

Note: this article refers specifically to Turboweb's original website manager. This has now been replaced with Turboweb's shiny new website manager.


What is Simple Web Manager?

Simple Web Manager (SWM) is the website platform and Content Management System (CMS) developed by Turboweb with the every day user in mind. A CMS is the foundation of your website, where all your content, images, products and website information are stored.

What are the benefits of Turboweb's Simple Web Manager?

There’s a lot of benefits to using Turboweb’s Simple Web Manager. SWM is used by a wide variety of people, it’s flexible, customisable and most importantly – easy to use. Businesses, groups and individuals can easily use it and work collaboratively on a website.

You don’t need to know any complex code, or pay for a developer for small website changes. Small changes to content or images can easily be done in SWM, with a few clicks, by you. For example, product price changes or new images – within a few clicks that information can be changed.

Image resizing and fitting to mobile is automatic. SWM will automatically resize your images to fit in with your website and automatically make your website work well across mobile. No fancy coding or image resizing needed by you. This means it’s easy for you and your staff to update images, products and additional information as your business changes.

Professional looking websites. SWM works with a wide variety of designs. You’ll be surprised at the variation of websites that work across the SWM platform. It’s incredibly flexible, and most importantly, your design can be set from the get go, and not easily broken.

Not only that, but anywhere there is internet you can edit your website by simply logging in. Changes in product pricing or staff are easy to update. Amounts of unwanted spam are diminished by secure contact forms, no more unwanted enquiries. Simple Web Manager is just that, simple to use and very reasonably priced to get your business online. If interested phone us today on 0800 TURBOWEB.

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