Turboweb's Projects Module, for showcasing your top work

3rd Oct 2019

Turboweb's Projects Module, for showcasing your top work

3rd Oct 2019

Show your clients what you can do and help them find the best person for their job: YOU.

Turboweb’s Projects Module is the perfect way to showcase your projects. It lets you highlight the specific strengths of your business and talk about the details of what you do in a far more specific way than is possible in a more general Services or Products page.

For example, take a look at Sims & Blue Ltd’s website.

Sims & Blue Ltd are Dunedin-based painters and decorators, and their website gives a great overview of the range of work that they offer. Their Services pages give a good general description of the residential and commercial painting, paper-hanging, and power washing that they provide.

But what if a client is typing something far more specific into their search engine? Or if they have concerns about whether Sims & Blue can really handle their own specific problem?

By having a Projects Module, Sims & Blue can talk in depth about the details of each project. Notice how they mention that they work closely with builders if a decorating job uncovers some underlying repair work that is needed. They mention borer, weatherboard replacement, fretwork, stripping off some lead-based paint. In another project they mention powerwashing and painting a caravan to match the holiday house they were working on, and talk about the care needed around stained glass windows and other period features.

Each of the homes featured in their Projects Module allows them to showcase some really specific details and examples of the work they do, and allows their clients to understand the expertise and flexibility they bring to a job.

Or check out Roof Restorers website

Roof Restorers Otago are a Dunedin-based roofing company. Like Sims & Blue, the Services section of their site gives a good solid overview of the type of repair and restoration work that they carry out.

But again, when your clients are looking for a firm to do a major piece of work, they often need to know more than generalities. Clients want to know that your firm can handle their own specific problem.

The Projects Module is used by Roof Restorers Otago to give a wide range of examples of their work. You’ll see villa restorations, new builds, a commercial complex, and a post-war brick & tile home. The Projects Module lets them talk about specific products and techniques used on the different roofs, and give examples of how they solved problems that came up during a job.

A Projects Module helps your clients to find your service

Not only does Turboweb’s Projects Module help your clients to really understand your work and develop trust in your firm, it helps them to find you in the first place.

When people type a query into a search engine, like Google, the search engine takes the words that they type in and goes looking for websites to show them.

Nobody knows all the details of how the search engines make the decisions, but we do know that they match phrases being used in the websites, the location of the searcher, the types of things they’ve searched for in the past, and whether the website looks like it has useful content on it.

Creating a website that a search engine ‘likes’, and will show to people, is called Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO), and it’s something that Turboweb does well.

A Projects Module gives the search engine more information about your company, what you do, what problems you solve, and who you help. And once a search engine knows that information, it will serve your website up to the very people who you want to reach: the people searching for a company that does just what you do.

Give Turboweb a call today to enquire about adding a Projects Module to your Turboweb site. Or if you are looking for a new website, or a website refresh we’d love to chat with you about that too. Phone (03) 4745953.

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