Tips for success on social media

21st Jun 2019

Tips for success on social media

21st Jun 2019

Turboweb is here to help when it comes to the crazy world of social media. Here are six tips to help you succeed on social media. Even better, if you don’t have the time or would rather concentrate on what you’re good at (e.g. running your business), you can have Turboweb help manage your social profiles and online marketing for you. Just call us today to get started.

Social marketing requires listening.

That means listening to what your customers have to say in reviews and comments and writing back to them in an appropriate way. It means actively looking for reviews of your business across platforms like Facebook and Google Places or Trip Advisor and taking onboard what those customers have to say.

With the next generation coming through, online reviews hold as much weight as a referral from a friend.

Conversations should be the goal of social marketing.

It’s not just about getting your voice out there, but it’s about having a conversation with your clients. It’s often too easy for brands to ignore or even try to hide negative feedback or awkward comments, but brands that do a stellar job at social write back to negative feedback and comments, often turning a customer’s problem into a well-solved solution.

Social media is about relationship-building and networking on a massive scale.

Be helpful.

Help your customers out on social media. For example, if you’re about to launch a new product, let customers know that new things are coming soon. A customer is stuck or having problems with something? Help them out on social. More and more, customers are expecting to get help from social media channels.

Gone are the days of spending hours (hopefully!) on a help phone line.

You don't have to be on every network. Go where your customers are.

A ‘social graveyard’ (unused social media channels) is not a good look for any business. Stick with one or two social channels and work at nailing them. It doesn’t mean posting every day either. Concentrate on quality content over quantity. Look back at your metrics regularly and see what is getting engagement. Take your time to really work at one or two social channels, rather than doing a set and forget.

Too many companies ignore social media or don’t put the effort into it. In 2017, 2.3 million kiwis accessed Facebook every day. Yes, every day. There’s bound to be a few customers for you on there, so put the effort in and don’t discredit it. Over 60% of New Zealanders are on Facebook.

Convert your followers into website views.

Don’t waste time double posting every bit of news you get or every photo you take. These are perfect opportunities to drive more traffic to your website. Recently uploaded a news item on your website? Post the link to your Facebook page. Got some new photos in your gallery? Post the link of the album! This isn’t to say you can’t post anything solely on social media, but it is good to identify opportunities where you can get more people to visit your website, and perhaps see a bit more of what you have to offer.

If you include an image in your news article your Facebook post will use it in the thumbnail. You can include a separate caption like “check out the latest news from Turboweb”, to encourage users to click on it.

First impressions last

Think of your social media channels as your 24/7 marketing person. Make sure your bio is up to date, and your images are eye-catching and up to date. Have good quality images on your profiles, and don’t leave any profile images or main banners blank. Also, consider the types of people that might search for your business’s social profiles – it might not just be potential customers but potential employees. Recent psychological research has shown that we draw conclusions about people based on a given photo in less than a second (in 40 milliseconds to be precise) so make sure you vet that next profile photo (whether personal or business based, ask the team what they think) first before putting it up.

If you’re finding, understandably, that your time is spent running your business is overtaking your ability to effectively run or post regularly on your social media channels, or you simply don’t know what to post – talk to Turboweb. We’re here to help and can take the pain away from managing it all yourself so that you can get on with doing what you do well – running your business.

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