The ideal image sizes for Facebook

21st Jul 2021

The ideal image sizes for Facebook

21st Jul 2021

On Facebook, there’s more to a good profile shot and nice banner than meets the eye. Here are the best sizes to use for your Facebook images and if it’s all too techy, don’t worry, our designer can make you a great suite of images for social media, just get in touch. There are lots of cropped Facebook profile images (thanks to cropping a square to a circle) out there, we've all seen them and sometimes text or logos on banners gets cropped too. Well, we hope this info should help curve the crop.

Key sizes:

The ideal image size for a Facebook cover photo is 851px by 315px

For best results, make sure your image is JPG format, with sRGB colour and less than 100 KB. If it’s not sized correctly, you might get some distortion (you know, that fuzzy look). Make sure your image is at least 400px by 150px.

Cover photos are displayed at 820px by 312px on desktop and at 640px by 360px on a smartphone – so stick to a design that works on both sizes. This is especially important with any text or logo overlays you use – keep them in the safe zone (towards the centre) to avoid unwanted cropping.

For regular photos, keep them at 2048px wide or smaller. With 960px or 720px the ideal smaller sizes. Keep them JPG format, with RGB colour and less than 15 MB. You can upload JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF or TIFF. With PNGs, it’s best to keep it under 1MB to avoid looking pixelated.

Profile photos are square yet cropped to a circle. Your audience will set it at 170px by 170px on desktop, 128px by 128px on smartphone and 36px by 36px on most feature phones. If you have a logo or text in your profile picture, consider uploading it as a PNG file rather than a JPG.

Facebook event photos are best at 1200px by 628px (a 2:1 ratio).

If all this is over your head, we get it. Our designer can make you a suite of images for social media including banners, ads, imagery, profiles, text overlayed images and more – just get in touch with us and we’ll sort you out.

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