SEO Tips: Google Image Search

27th Feb 2020

SEO Tips: Google Image Search

27th Feb 2020

Google Image Search allows users to search the internet for image content. The keywords for the image search are based on the file name of the image, the image description, and text adjacent to the image. This area of SEO is often overlooked by businesses and can be a powerful tool to increase traffic to your website.

Simple Web Manager makes it easy to ensure that your images are labelled correctly, including those all-important keywords and phrases. Following is a step by step guide to optimising your website images for search engines.

As always good Search Engine Optimisation consists of building up "evidence" suggesting that a particular web page, news item or image is providing relevant, on-topic information relating to a particular keyword/s.

We can add extra evidence for images and the pages where these images are located by ensuring we include this keyword/s when labelling images on a particular page.

Consider a sub-page about bricks on "Paul's Bricks" website...

We know we should include the keyword "bricks" in our meta tags, meta description, heading, sub-headings and main text of that page, and we have included a lovely picture of some bricks on the page.

Google's "bots" cannot see images, so by adding extra text detail to this image we are providing valuable information about our web page, which Google will use to determine if indeed this page is about "bricks"...

Image title: Huge range of bricks available at Paul's Bricks

Filename: Paul's Bricks' bricks.jpg

Image description: Here at Paul's Bricks we have a brick to suit your every need, whether it's bricks for construction or bricks for landscaping. Come and see our fantastic range of bricks today.

Surrounding text/context:This is the main text on your page, and you guessed it, it should be all about bricks.

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