Keeping your News and Events up-to-date

16th Jan 2019

Keeping your News and Events up-to-date

16th Jan 2019

Not sure why you should bother with the news and events on your website? The benefits are greater than you might think.

So, what are the benefits?

Having recent and relevant content is a great way to improve your Google Search ranking. Your news and events items cover both points.
Uploading regular content such as news items keeps customers in the loop with important dates or things happening around your business, and it has the potential to increase engagement with your customers. Regular doesn’t mean every week! Once a month is more than enough to keep your website fresh.

Staying social

Post the link to these news items or events to your Facebook page rather than posting all that information twice. You’re saving yourself some time while also bringing more visitors to your website.

What can I do?

You can easily tune these new pages with your chosen keywords in your titles and headings (but don’t try to jam too many in!) Remember to rename any images before uploading them and give them relevant names and titles.
Check out our article on SEO for more information.
Not only are you giving yourself a boost to your position on Google you are also improving your overall professional appearance on your website.

How do I use the news and events modules?

These two modules might appear to be very similar, but they are made to work in slightly different ways. You use your events module to talk about anything that is coming up in the future. You’ll have a title, description, images, and the start and end dates of the event. What is important to keep in mind is that the event will remain in the events section of your website until it has ended. Once the event is over it will disappear from your website.
Good times to use your events module include things like sales, competitions, concerts, promotions, shows, sports games.
The news module is what you should use to talk about anything that has happened already. Last weeks event, for example. If you get some good photos from your event you can then post a wee bit about what happened and include those photos. This section has similar items to fill out – title, description, photos – but this time you only need one date. The date you’ll enter here is the date you want the news item to show up on your website (or the date of the event that happened). For example, you had a fair last week on the 5th and got some good photos. When you publish your news item you can put the 5th as the date. It will immediately appear on the website and be dated the 5th. On the other hand, if you have a new staff member starting next week on the 15th and want to have the news item ready to go on their starting day you can write it up and put the date as the 15th. Your News item will be there ready to go but won’t appear until the 15th! Very handy!
Good times to use your news module include introducing new staff, talking about changes and updates around the business, advertising job positions, talking about past events, posting industry related articles.

Keeping up with the competition

Websites are no longer things you can set up and leave to run on its own. To really compete for the top spot in search engine rankings you’ve got to keep your information recent and relevant.
Maintaining regular, consistent, and succinct updates to your website could, with time and patience, really put you ahead of the rest and crown you as the go-to people of your industry.

Support from Turboweb

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If you need a hand with coming up with regular updates or you just don’t have the time check out our content writing services.

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