How to update your holiday hours in Google My Business

23rd Nov 2020

How to update your holiday hours in Google My Business

23rd Nov 2020

Keep your customers happy this holiday season by clearly communicating when you are open for business.

Even if your business hours are unchanged over the holiday period, it’s a good idea to make it clear that your holiday hours are accurate. Otherwise you can miss out on business as clients tend to assume that the information is out-of-date.

Update your business hours in Google My Business.

The fastest way to get the word out about your holiday hours is to set “special hours” in your Google My Business account. That way whenever a potential customer searches for your company online your holiday hours will be right there in your company’s listing.

Not sure what Google My Business is? Check out this quick introductory article.

By adding special hours for the holiday season, your normal hours will remain in place for the other days, removing any confusion about when you are open this summer.

You can add regular hours and special hours to your Google My Business listing by going to and signing in.

If you haven’t set regular hours for your business, you’ll need to do that first.

Once you’ve navigated to the Info > Special Hours section you’ll be prompted to either confirm hours for upcoming holidays, or to set special hours.

Too much on your plate between now and Christmas?

Take the hassle out of updating your holiday hours on Google My Business by contacting Turboweb. We are offering a 'Holiday Hours' package to our existing customers where we update your Christmas and New Year hours on your website and on Google My Business.

If we don’t already manage your Google My Business listing, contact us about updating your website for the holiday period, and we’d love to help you out with Google My Business too. Helping you to get visible and stay visible in today’s fast-changing online world is what Turboweb do.

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