How to Build Trust Online

30th Oct 2017

How to Build Trust Online

30th Oct 2017
Trust is a huge thing in business, and it can come down to a few simple things that you can do to increase trust in your online presence. As with anything, first impressions last. It’s best to put your best foot forward and do a few key things to have your website looking it’s best, to build instant trust in those potential customers who view your website. After all, your website is your 24/7, international marketing tool. Here's seven tips to building a trustworthy online presence.

1. Professional website design

Now of course we’d say this, because we’re a website company. But still, it’s important. Having a professional design makes you look like a professional. It doesn’t matter how on point your content is, if your website looks like something from the 90s, that is potentially out of date, and people can’t find the information their after, you could be losing customers. Make sure you look at your website every so often and ask yourself – would a prospective customer feel safe to pop in their credit card info? Do they have all the info they need right in front of them to make a sale? If not, why not revisit your design. The Simple Web Manager design is great in that it can easily get a facelift, without losing your content.

2. Showcase your staff

People like to do business with… people. Staff profiles show potential customers about the company culture of your business. Having a detailed ‘About Us’ section can build on business history, culture and so credibility in your business in the market, for potential customers and investors. Showcasing staff skills, awards and qualifications builds credibility in your business and its capable staff. Staff profiles also help build staff moral – win, win!

3. Be contactable online

We’ve all been there, spending 20 minutes just trying to find the phone number for a business, getting more and more frustrated at the service. Check the phone number and contact info for your business is up to date. Also check your Google business profile – does that have your office hours and contact details up to date? What about your Facebook page? Its surprising where people will search now to contact your business. We use an email form in our Simple Web Manager platform, this lets people email you, while avoiding email being picked up by spammers.

4. Fix broken links

Links to other people’s websites and content can be great – but people can delete or move things, and so the links break. It pays to go through your website with a fine-tooth comb occasionally, and check the links work regularly. There’s some easy ways to avoid them breaking often too – download documents and upload them to your own website, then link to it from within your content, as other people might remove the document from their website. Sometimes you can link to a more generic URL, like the homepage, rather than an obscure article, that likely won’t become unpublished anytime soon.

5. Invest in Testimonials

Testimonials are gold for business, and best of all – they’re free. They tell the story of what it’s like to purchase or work with your business, that customers might not otherwise see. By providing how your products or services have improved the lives of previous customers you should see an increased rate of conversions.

6. Don’t miss the fine print

If clients need information around shipping, your privacy agreement, terms and conditions or a returns policy, make sure it’s easily accessible on your website and not hidden away. Be upfront and honest about your business policies and have it easily accessible on your website. It could save a lot of heartache for you, and your potential customers.

7. Use your own images

Stock photo images can be really handing and work really well sometimes, but sometimes, when they’re super stock photo-ey they can make people trust your business less. We all know that lady with glasses typing looking far too happy, or that very happy bunch of business people having a business meeting. Steer clear of those telltale stock photo images. Getting good quality photography of your business is a great investment, and significantly helps to build trust in your company online.
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