How Do Your Service Pages Stack Up?

30th Aug 2019

How Do Your Service Pages Stack Up?

30th Aug 2019

Did you know that most of the traffic to your website doesn’t come to the homepage? So where are your customers landing, and what do they find when they get there?

Websites aren’t like a traditional business, not everybody walks through the ‘front door’ and lands on your homepage.

Now, more than ever, people search for a specific service or solution and end up on one of the product or services pages of your website.

For example, you may have a plumbing business. In the past, people looking for a plumber would turn to their phone directories and look up “plumbers” and find you that way.

These days, people are just as likely to pull out their phones and type in “how do I fix a leaky tap?”, or “kitchen sink doesn’t drain properly”.

See the difference? If your website doesn’t mention leaky taps or kitchen sinks, then your site isn’t going to one of the ones that they find, no matter how well designed your homepage is.

So, what makes a good service or product page?

It is more important than ever to have quality content on your service and product pages.

The best product and service pages will answer your customer’s questions, give them the answers that they’re looking for, and establish you as an expert in your field.

You want your service and product pages to tell your story, and either entice your visitors to continue exploring your website, or to pick up the phone and call on you to solve their problem in person.

How is your content on these pages?

Have a look at your own product or service pages and see how they stack up.

Do your pages have engaging content with minimal jargon? You need to balance out the need to use the important descriptive keywords for your industry, with the need to be helpful and clear to your customer.

Are there enough words on the page? Search engines use the words on your pages to work out what your site is about and who to show it to. At Turboweb we recommend at least 400 words on each page for a good customer experience, and to allow your content to be found.

Does your site use images and video well? High-quality pictures and video are great ways of engaging with visitors to your site. A well-edited video can give simple demonstrations of your expertise, showcase a recent project, or give an example of your work.

Does each page invite your customer to take a specific action (sometimes known as a 'call to action')? Remember, each page is there to strengthen your relationship with your customer and to invite them to “call now to talk about your next project”, or “read more about our services” on another part of the site. Converting a visitor into a customer is sometimes as simple as just reminding them to take action..

Consider mentioning additional services or information the visitor might be interested in on that page, for example, FAQs around a product or service, or specifications.

For product pages, can the visitor download a PDF for more information? Is important information displayed, such as the product key, safety sheets, price or product dimensions? Omitting any of these things could contribute to losing a sale. While including these details could boost your ranking on search engines.

Is your site easy to navigate?

Do your service pages or product pages make a sale easy? For example, is your phone number displayed on the page? Is there a ‘buy now’ button or price list? Do you use contrasting or bright colours to make the buttons stand out? Is there enough white space (i.e. no clutter on the page) to make the calls to action obvious and easily navigable.

Easy navigation to the rest of your website from product and service pages is also very important, as customers may want to find out more about your business before purchasing. All Turboweb’s websites use the well known ‘home’ navigation option, and on mobile devices we use the ‘burger button’ option (a few lines stacked on the top right or left-hand side). These are intuitive navigation options that website visitors will instinctively use to further explore the rest of your website.

Are your pages aimed at the customer?

Every product or service solves a problem, or perceived problem, for the customer.

For example, the plumber we mentioned earlier is booked because of a leaky tap – the leaky tap is the problem. A cake decorator might make a sale because their customer has the “problem” of needing a gluten-free 3-tier wedding cake. A small Bed and Breakfast might make a booking because their website mentions that they have a charging station for electric cars, solving their customer’s problem of “where do I charge my electric car?” in their location.

Talking about, or making the customer aware of their perceived problem on your products and services pages does two things: Firstly, it means your customers can find you in search engines by raising your ranking for keywords that they are actually typing in. Secondly, it answers your customer’s questions and builds their trust in your ability to solve more of their problems, establishing you as an authority in your sector.

Turboweb can help

Turboweb have years of experience writing content for websites that turn visitors into customers. We keep up with the latest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) news and are focussed on providing a great experience for your visitors.

Is your site a little on the old side? If your site is a few years old, and the content is much the same as it was then, it’s time for a check-in with Turboweb to see how we can update and refresh your content to keep up with the searching habits of today’s visitors.

If you think your product and service pages could do with a bit of fine-tuning, or perhaps a complete re-write, give Turboweb a call today on (03) 474 5953.

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