Employees are searching your company online

10th Apr 2018

Employees are searching your company online

10th Apr 2018

Your website isn’t just about potential customers viewing your website, but you should consider potential employees as well. Especially if you’re a growing business.

What are the ways in which you can increase potential employee interest online?

There are several things you can do on your website to appeal to potential employees. Having an employment section, with employee testimonials and a CV upload form is a great way to capture potential employees. According to recent statistics, the average person job searching reads six reviews posted about a company before forming their opinion on the company. So, providing that person with positive work experience stories directly on your website is ideal.

Celebrate company culture and your staff in About Us section

Another way you can do this is to have an About Us section, where you talk about the company culture and showcase your employees. Job seekers can gain a lot of insight into a company by reading the current staff, they might be looking to see if there are opportunities for growth or further upskilling within the company, or to gauge the staff culture. Showing the people behind the company can be pivotal in appealing to potential employees.

Share new jobs on social media

Don’t hesitate to share new positions out, and encourage your staff to share new roles out on their networks as well; after all, most people land a new job through friends. If you’re on Facebook or LinkedIn, share it out.

Why employment forms work

Having an employment form is ideal, as potential employees can fill in an application form at any stage, even when there aren’t any vacancies. Also, rather than paying HR fees, or for job ads, new leads are free! Other bonuses are that rather than having a flood of calls from a role, you can point potential employees to fill in your form – vetting potentials easily. If there’s anything that the role specifically asks for or needs, this can be a set field in your sign-up form, which makes sorting through applicants a breeze.

Our employment forms take an initial set up payment and it’s super easy for staff to add or remove currently advertised positions. If you're interested in adding an employment section to your website or looking for a new website design contact Turboweb.

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