Best practices for your contact page

27th Feb 2019

Best practices for your contact page

27th Feb 2019

Note: the instructions in this article refer specifically to Turboweb's original website dashboard. If yours looks different to this you may have our new, improved website dashboard. If you need any help with updating this, give us a call - we'll happily walk you through it.


All the websites that we make have a Contact page and for good reason – not only does it improve your trust ranking with search engines like Google and Bing, it also improves trust with your clients. It makes it easy, convenient, and fast for potential customers to find or contact you.

How does the contact page work in my Simple Web Manager site?

The contact page is made up of two sections. The top half, where the title is and any text you want to include, is edited in the Pages module.
This top half is a useful place to include extra information that might be useful to your website visitors. This could include your office/opening hours, an after-hours emergency number, contact numbers or emails for specific people, and an expected response time (only include this if you know you can stick to it).

The bottom half of the page, with the contact form, is edited in your Simple Web Manager settings under the Contact module.
The bottom half – the contact form – includes a form for the visitor to fill out, your postal and physical address details, and a map to visually locate you. You can choose to have this map turned off if you like, but if you have an office or shop where people can pop in and see you, it is a good idea to include this as it makes it a lot easier for potential customers to find you.

You are also able to include multiple offices or shop sites here, each with their own contact details and map. To do this just click 'Add More Locations' in the Contact module. You’ll need to give the new location a separate name e.g. 'Dunedin office', and 'Gore office'.

It's really important to remember to update your addresses on your website if you ever move your office or shop! When you do this make sure to check that you've updated the map, too.
The email address you enter in the Contacts module is the email address any enquiries from your contact form will be sent to.

Useful tips to remember for your Contact page

  • In the Pages module give this page the title 'Contact <<Your business name>>', instead of 'Contact Us'. It is better for your Search Engine Optimisation to do this, rather than a generic title as this more likely to be what potential customers could be searching for i.e., they’re using the search term 'contact Turboweb' or 'Turboweb contact number'.
  • Putting email addresses on the contact page is at your own risk – the form isn’t guaranteed to filter out all the spam, but it has a CAPTCHA button to help protect you. This CAPTCHA is industry standard and is also used by Google. Any email addresses written on the contact page itself are open to being read by bots designed to find email addresses on websites and put them onto spam mailing lists.
  • You can link to the contact page from other places on your website. For example, you might say 'To learn more about our residential work, please contact Turbobuild' at the bottom of your page about your residential work. It’s a great way to guide visitors towards making the next step and contacting you about their needs.
  • Your social media links can be found as a wee button that visitors can click to be instantly taken to your social media page of choice. You can find them, generally, in the header or footer of the website, and they can be accessed from every page. This keeps your contact page decluttered with only necessary information. The links to your social media profiles are added through the Social module, which can also be found under Settings – many sites have a wee icon designed for this. If you do not you may need to have a chat with the Turboweb team about our designers’ services for getting these styled up.

If you have any questions about your contact page, feel free to give us a call on 0800 887 269.

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