COVID-19 Update - 24th Mar 2020

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update:

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help during this troubling time. To keep our community safe, we’ve decided to close our physical office. Our staff are working from home and our phones are still being answered. We can meet with you online via video chat. Full support is available via the following:

Phone: 03 474 5953 or 0800 887 269.


We’re here to help, please feel free to give us a call if you need anything, we’re online and available over the phone.

Turboweb's Google Products Package - 11th Mar 2020

Get Turboweb to install and set up these great Google services.

What is Turboweb’s Google Products Package?

From time to time you’ll hear us talk about our Google Products Package, and how useful it is. But what is it exactly, and why should you grab it?

Turboweb’s Google Products Package is a set of four products or services provided by Google that can take your website to the next level. If you’re wanting your site to rank well when people search for it, understand who your website visitors are and what they are looking for, run online ads and be able to tell whether they were successful, or be found on Google Maps then these Google products are what you need.

These four Google services are all provided by Google free of charge, for any webmaster or website owner anywhere in the world, and they are super powerful. They can also be a bit tricky to set up correctly, and the amount of information and data that they give you can be really overwhelming if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Let’s briefly look at each service and then we’ll talk about making it easy for you and your business to access the power of these services without needing to turn yourself into a web developer in your spare time.

Google My Business

This is probably the most familiar of the Google services in Turboweb’s Google Products Package. This is the Google directory listing that means that your business shows up in Google Maps, lets people click through to a brief summary of your business right from the map, and contains a link to your website, phone number, business hours and more.

A properly-completed Google My Business listing will also show up in Google searches as a little box to the side of the search results (on desktop) or in a drop-down menu near the top of the organic search results (on mobile). Getting your Google My Business listing in top shape gives you an extra chance to show up in Google searches – not just through your website, but also through your Google My Business listing.

Read more about Google My Business here.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console contains a collection of tools and reports to help you understand how your site is performing in Google’s search results.

If you have a question about how your site is ranking for a particular search, what search terms people are using to find your site, or whether there are technical issues that might be affecting your site’s ranking, Google Search Console is the place to go for the answers. You can even see if other websites have linked to yours.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the tool where all the traffic to and from your website is analysed. Google Analytics really is the mother lode of data and statistics when it comes to getting to know your customers.

You can find information on who is visiting your website, where they are coming from, how long they spend there, which links they click, and more.

Read more about Google Analytics here.

Google Tag Manager

At its most basic, Google’s Tag Manager is a way to insert a small snippet of code into your website without having to mess with your website’s code at all.

But why would you want to do that?

The short answer is that you’d want to do that in order to track your online advertising. If you’ve ever set up a Facebook ad campaign and been asked if you want to use a ‘Facebook pixel’ or a Google Ad and been faced with what to do with a ‘tracking tag’, then you have a use for Google Tag Manager.

Google Tag Manager is a place to manage all those tags and pixels together, without needing a developer to insert or remove them from your website’s code, which makes life much simpler. On the other hand, if Tag Manager is used poorly, without understanding what it does, then it can make your site load slowly and start to interfere with its performance.

Why get Turboweb’s Google Products Package?

In short, getting the Turboweb team to install and set-up these great Google Products will save you and your business time and money. They’re extremely valuable tools if you’re wanting to improve your site’s search engine ranking and overall performance.

All the Google products listed are available free of charge from Google, and some of our customers are completely comfortable installing and setting them up themselves. If you’ve got a bit of time up your sleeve, and know a bit about how these things work, then doing it yourself might be for you.

On the other hand, the Turboweb team have set up dozens of these Google services and know how to get them up and running on your site with the minimum of hassle.

Once they’re set up, we’ll send you all the log-in information that you need, and you can get started with understanding your customers better.

Turboweb’s Google Package is available to all Turboweb customers. Give us a call or drop us an email today.

Seeing an incorrect phone number on your website with your Google Ads? - 22nd Jan 2020

Seeing an incorrect phone number on your website with your Google Ads?

We’re stoked to see you’re doing Google Ads.
We’d like to tell you a bit about the experience a few of our customers have had recently with Google Ads run through Yellow Pages.
We’ve received a number of phone calls from our clients that the phone number displayed on their website is wrong, which has come as a surprise to us! From there, we’ve investigated and discovered that they’re running Google Ads through Yellow Pages.
Yellow Pages have been encouraging our customers to set up Google Tag Manager (GTM for short). GTM allows advertisers to inject code into your website. Yellow Pages are using it to inject some code into your website which overwrites your existing phone number and they actually put in a different phone number that then redirects to your phone, simply so they can track calls coming from your Yellow Google Ad Campaign.

There are a few reasons this is bad for business:

  • The phone number is injected onto the website (via GTM) changes before your eyes and could make your business seem very untrustworthy to potential customers.
  • Google could cache that incorrect phone number and so it could display for months. Which is a bad customer experience and bad for your SEO.
  • The incorrect number can lurk around and become a dead number. We’ve had customers stop advertising with Yellow, but the incorrect phone number has continued to display on their website and in Google results, yet it no longer redirects to their number, resulting in a complete loss of customers.

Here’s what we recommend:

  • If Yellow is asking you to set up GTM so they can ‘track calls coming from your Google Campaign’ we’d strongly suggest you don’t do it or at least ask more questions around it.
  • If you’re doing Google Ads with any business, our advice is to ask for a list of the keywords they’re targeting and a breakdown of where your money is being spent as you could be paying for terms that aren’t relevant to your business.
  • Also ask to see some of the creatives (the ads themselves) as they can sometimes have bad grammar, poor English, incorrect information and – as we’re discovering – the wrong phone number.
  • We’d recommend you Google your business and check the phone number is correct, if it’s different, contact Yellow. Also, click through to the page on the Google Ad and check your phone number, if it’s different, contact us and Yellow.
  • You can easily go into your website admin and add or remove your GTM code (it’s under Admin > Settings > Google >GTM Container ID). You then click ‘Save Changes’.

If you’ve set up GTM with Yellow Pages, please do have a quick look.


How to spot scammers - 8th Jan 2020

How to spot scammers

We all know there are scammers out there, and we know the basics of keeping our bank accounts and email accounts safe by changing passwords, keeping our PINs a secret, and being suspicious of any emails asking for our details.

But when you have your own website, there are a whole different set of scams that you will come across. They might be trying to sell you some sort of unnecessary upgrade to “improve your site’s online performance”, or they might try the scare tactic of terrible things happening if you don’t “protect your site” with their product.

Some scams are easy to spot – we’ve made a checklist of things to watch for, below – but some are far more sophisticated and may include trustworthy-sounding high-pressure sales calls, and mention legit services such as AdWords, Google, or other well-known names as part of their sales pitch.

Tell-tale signs of basic scams:

  • They use a free email address, e.g. a address.
  • Their message is full of grammatical and spelling errors.
  • There is nothing specific about your site in the message.
  • It’s a form message sent to hundreds of people.
  • The name of the person sending you the message isn’t the same as the name in the email address.
  • When you look up the company in the NZ Companies Register, you cannot find it – even though they claim to be a local company

More sophisticated scams

Some sophisticated scams can be hard to spot in the heat of the moment.

Our advice is to give yourself some breathing room. Tell them that you’ll think about their offer and get back to them if you’re interested and hang up the phone.

Then we recommend contacting us here at Turboweb so we can help you assess the situation.

It may be that they are offering something that is already included in your Turboweb website, hosting, and service package, they may have a genuine offer, or it may be that you are being lied to.

Red flags that might mean you’re talking to a scammer

‘We’ll get you onto the first page of Google.’

A classic scammer’s statement. It’s easy to say this, because it’s something that everyone wants. But the offer itself is meaningless unless they can tell you exactly what steps they will take to do that – and provide a written guarantee.

‘Your site only appears in four of these 20 online directories’

Have you ever heard of those other directories yourself? We recently came across this one ourselves, and aside from four or five legitimate directories such as Yelp and Google My Business, the remainder of the list was littered with defunct sites, broken links, and shell sites that looked like basic directories but were really just advertising and data harvesting sites.

‘Your site has no Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)’

Turboweb creates each of our sites with Search Engine Optimisation in mind, and this is one of the main skills of our content writing team. Search engine algorithms change quite frequently and can take time to properly understand a new site. This means that sites that have been live for less than six months will not yet be performing fully, and neither will sites that have been live for four or more years without a content refresh. Contact us if you think this might be a problem for your site and we can chat about solutions.

For example, keeping your website up-to-date with fresh content by using your news and events sections can help search engines to understand that your site is still alive and relevant. Another tip might be to consider adding a FAQs section where you address some of your customer’s frequent questions in an in-depth way. These are the sorts of things that search engines are looking for, because it means they can show your site to people who are searching for particular queries.

‘Your site ranks only four out of ten in our test’

What test? Without knowing what they are testing for, or how they have come up with those numbers, this is likely a meaningless statement. Is there even a test at all? If there is a real test, are the results as bad as they are saying? If you’re concerned, ask them to send you the results of their test and then give us a call. As your hosting company, Turboweb appreciates hearing if we can do better for you if there is something wrong. And if there isn’t, we can save you a lot of stress with a simple phone call.

‘Your site isn’t mobile-friendly’

All of Turboweb’s sites are built to current industry standards, which includes being fully mobile-responsive. You can test your own site with Google's Mobile-Friendly test using this link:

If your site has been around for quite a while, it may need some help to get up to the current standards. We would love to have a talk with you about bringing it up to date.

‘Your site has no content management system (CMS)’

All modern websites are built using a Content Management System (CMS). Turboweb’s unique CMS is called Simple Web Manager and is part of what makes our sites so user friendly. This is the system that lets you log onto your site as an admin and change the content of your website by changing the photos and the text. If you ever need a refresher on how to use Simple Web Manager, just give us a call and we’ll help you out.

Keep yourself and your company protected from scammers

At Turboweb, we know that you work hard in your business for your customers and we’d hate for some of these scams and dodgy offers to lead you to spend money on things you just don’t need, or worse, to be really taken to the cleaners.

We’re always up to have a chat and investigate any issues that these reports might raise and shed some light on any truths in them. Some of them may well be worth pursuing and could lead to some improvements to your site or online presence, but a lot of it might, unfortunately, just be a scam.

If you’re in any doubt at all, don’t let them spook you – just give us a call. We’re happy to help.

How to update your holiday hours in Google My Business - 4th Dec 2019

How to update your holiday hours in Google My Business

Keep your customers happy this holiday season by clearly communicating when you are open for business.

Even if your business hours are unchanged over the holiday period, it’s a good idea to make it clear that your holiday hours are accurate. Otherwise you can miss out on business as clients tend to assume that the information is out-of-date.

Update your business hours in Google My Business.

The fastest way to get the word out about your holiday hours is to set “special hours” in your Google My Business account. That way whenever a potential customer searches for your company online your holiday hours will be right there in your company’s listing.

Not sure what Google My Business is? Check out this quick introductory article.

By adding special hours for the holiday season, your normal hours will remain in place for the other days, removing any confusion about when you are open this summer.

You can add regular hours and special hours to your Google My Business listing by going to and signing in.

If you haven’t set regular hours for your business, you’ll need to do that first.

Once you’ve navigated to the Info > Special Hours section you’ll be prompted to either confirm hours for upcoming holidays, or to set special hours.

Too much on your plate between now and Christmas?

Take the hassle out of updating your holiday hours on Google My Business by contacting Turboweb. We are offering a 'Holiday Hours' package to our existing customers where we update your Christmas and New Year hours on your website and on Google My Business.

If we don’t already manage your Google My Business listing, contact us about updating your website for the holiday period, and we’d love to help you out with Google My Business too. Helping you to get visible and stay visible in today’s fast-changing online world is what Turboweb do.

Phone us now on 0800 TURBOWEB (0800 887 269) or email

Turboweb's Mosaic Image Gallery - 7th Nov 2019

Are you looking for a better way to display your photos on your website?

Perhaps you have a large number of photos that you would love to showcase on your site. Maybe you have regular events and want to have an easy way to display all the photos from a great day out. Or if you’re a travel or tour operator, for instance, you'll want to give people an instant impression of all the sights and scenery on offer.

Displaying a large number of photos on a standard website can be difficult to manage. Large file sizes can make the page slow to load, meaning your clients may just move onto something more interesting rather than waiting for your images to appear. As well as that, if your photos are a mix of portrait and landscape orientations then the end result can look patchy or strange as the default gallery doesn’t always handle the different shapes well.

Introducing Turboweb’s Mosaic Image Gallery.

What we’ve created is an easy way for you to upload photos to the back end of the website, and for the website itself to automatically handle the file size of the photos, and display them in a smooth mosaic where landscape and portrait orientation photos play nicely together and the overall effect is visually pleasing.

When you have a Turboweb website, you get to make your own changes to the content of your site. You get full control of the images that are displayed and can make changes to your content whenever you need to.

For many of our clients our standard image gallery is perfect for displaying a handful of photos to showcase examples of products and services. But sometimes you just need to level it up.

Take a look at David Wall Photo Tours gallery.

Take a look at David Wall Photo Tours to really get a good feel for how this gallery option could work for your business.

David Wall hosts local and international photography tours, and his website needed a way to really display his photography to full advantage. Turboweb’s developers created our new mosaic image gallery to load quickly, handle a large number of photos of different orientations, and be easy for David to add new photos to the display. The gallery seamlessly takes any new photos and automatically ensures that the display looks great every time.

Call Turboweb today.

If you have an existing Turboweb website and want to take your photo displays to the next level, give us a call on 03 4745953 and have a chat about adding the new Mosaic Image Gallery to your site.

If your website isn’t with Turboweb yet, pick up the phone or drop us an email. We'd love to have a chat about how we can work with you to design a website that really meets all your needs.

Turboweb's Projects Module, for showcasing your top work - 3rd Oct 2019

Turboweb's Projects Module, for showcasing your top work

Show your clients what you can do and help them find the best person for their job: YOU.

Turboweb’s Projects Module is the perfect way to showcase your projects. It lets you highlight the specific strengths of your business and talk about the details of what you do in a far more specific way than is possible in a more general Services or Products page.

For example, take a look at Sims & Blue Ltd’s website.

Sims & Blue Ltd are Dunedin-based painters and decorators, and their website gives a great overview of the range of work that they offer. Their Services pages give a good general description of the residential and commercial painting, paper-hanging, and power washing that they provide.

But what if a client is typing something far more specific into their search engine? Or if they have concerns about whether Sims & Blue can really handle their own specific problem?

By having a Projects Module, Sims & Blue can talk in depth about the details of each project. Notice how they mention that they work closely with builders if a decorating job uncovers some underlying repair work that is needed. They mention borer, weatherboard replacement, fretwork, stripping off some lead-based paint. In another project they mention powerwashing and painting a caravan to match the holiday house they were working on, and talk about the care needed around stained glass windows and other period features.

Each of the homes featured in their Projects Module allows them to showcase some really specific details and examples of the work they do, and allows their clients to understand the expertise and flexibility they bring to a job.

Or check out Roof Restorers website

Roof Restorers Otago are a Dunedin-based roofing company. Like Sims & Blue, the Services section of their site gives a good solid overview of the type of repair and restoration work that they carry out.

But again, when your clients are looking for a firm to do a major piece of work, they often need to know more than generalities. Clients want to know that your firm can handle their own specific problem.

The Projects Module is used by Roof Restorers Otago to give a wide range of examples of their work. You’ll see villa restorations, new builds, a commercial complex, and a post-war brick & tile home. The Projects Module lets them talk about specific products and techniques used on the different roofs, and give examples of how they solved problems that came up during a job.

A Projects Module helps your clients to find your service

Not only does Turboweb’s Projects Module help your clients to really understand your work and develop trust in your firm, it helps them to find you in the first place.

When people type a query into a search engine, like Google, the search engine takes the words that they type in and goes looking for websites to show them.

Nobody knows all the details of how the search engines make the decisions, but we do know that they match phrases being used in the websites, the location of the searcher, the types of things they’ve searched for in the past, and whether the website looks like it has useful content on it.

Creating a website that a search engine ‘likes’, and will show to people, is called Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO), and it’s something that Turboweb does well.

A Projects Module gives the search engine more information about your company, what you do, what problems you solve, and who you help. And once a search engine knows that information, it will serve your website up to the very people who you want to reach: the people searching for a company that does just what you do.

Give Turboweb a call today to enquire about adding a Projects Module to your Turboweb site. Or if you are looking for a new website, or a website refresh we’d love to chat with you about that too. Phone (03) 4745953.

Are you recruiting staff or apprentices? - 1st Sep 2019

Turboweb's employment enquiry form makes staff recruitment easier

An employment enquiry form on your website can streamline the staff recruitment process.

We all know that having great staff is the key to a successful business. When it comes to recruiting new staff, it is so important that you get a good pool of applicants to choose from.

Of course, there are all the usual recruitment agencies and online job sites to list your vacancy, and sometimes you also need to cast the net a bit wider and advertise through your social media channels as well.

A great way to gather all those applications into the same place is to have a situations vacant page on your website. Not only can you advertise the job in more detail than is possible in a paid ad, you can also have people upload their CVs, work history, and cover letter right there on your site.

No more phone calls to your reception desk or cell-phone asking where to send their CV. And no more confusion about exactly what information you require. It’s all there on the form.

Check out some examples of career application forms on these Turboweb websites:


Turboweb can work with you to customise these forms in any way you need. We highly recommend them as an easy way for potential staff to know what they need to supply you, and upload the necessary documents straight to your inbox.

The Employment Enquiry form can easily be adapted for scholarship applications, apprenticeship schemes, course enrolments, grant applications and other uses.

Call Turboweb today on (03) 474 5953 to talk about adding a career or situations vacant section to your website.