A quick recap of 2018

15th Jan 2019

A quick recap of 2018

15th Jan 2019
2018 was a busy year for many of our clients. Here at Turboweb, we take pride in knowing that when we’re helping our clients tell their stories online, we’re also helping them take big strides within their industry.

Sustainability and environmental excellence awards

At the Beautiful Awards 2018, hosted by Keep New Zealand Beautiful, UYOC (Use Your Own Cup) won the award for Most Sustainable Business Project. This award honours New Zealand businesses who have achieved extraordinary results through an environmental or sustainability project in the past 12 months.
Sarah Moffitt works closely with Laura from UYOC to build and mould the ever-evolving website. UYOC aims to be a leader in change. The central focus is to minimise waste, raise money for charities, and to connect customers and businesses with common goals. The website allows businesses to profile themselves with different features including ‘no plastic straws’, ‘responsible food waste’, ‘sells reusable cups’, ‘use your own container’, ‘offers mug/jar library’, has "CupCycling", and ‘will refill water bottle’. Customers can then search for businesses filtering by feature.

Facebook business achievement

Throughout the year we have continued to work with RD Petroleum and several other clients with their ongoing online marketing. We were happy to reach our key targets for the RD Petroleum Facebook page midway through the year, but the icing on the top of the cake really was RDP being contacted by Facebook Business as a great business to feature in Facebook Business and Marketing.
RDP worked very hard on their online presence, with the help of our digital content coordinator, Jen Pearce. They moved from under 5,000 followers to around 7,000 in just one year. To give some perspective about 5,738 New Zealand Facebook pages have 5,000 followers, and only 1,092 pages have 7,000. That’s a big difference! They have a clear marketing plan made in conjunction with Turboweb, which means that all content generated, no matter the purpose, fits their branding.

Bring on the New Year!

After such a full-on year we’re looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings!
For a fresh start to the year why not begin with your website and update your content? In our article on news and events, we talk about the importance of keeping a website up to date. Your news and events modules are great ways to do this.
If you can’t find the right words and want to talk about our content writing services just give us a call on 0800 887 269 and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.
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