Why isn't your business online? - 22nd Nov 2010

No website?  Although hard to believe you are in fact far from alone.  In an article recently posted in the New Zealand Herald, Susie Nordqvist indicated that New Zealand businesses are slow to harness the power of the internet with only one third owning a website and 20% selling products online.  MYOB General Manager, Julian Smith added that New Zealand businesses needed to make better use of the internet to drive their productivity, and that businesses with a website and an online presence tended to perform better than those without a website.  So, isn't about time you embraced the technology available to support the growth and development of your business?

Who's Online?

Survey findings from the latest MYOB business monitor of 1000 businesses indicated that manufacturers were clearly the fastest adopters of web technology with 50% owning a business website, marginally ahead of retail and hospitality with 48% ownership.

Sustainable advertising

The face of advertising is changing and research suggests that online advertising will supercede the more traditional forms of paper-based advertising and in time may put the Grandmother of all directories  - the Yellow Pages - into retirement once and for all.  It doesn't seem that long ago that advertising in traditional business directory yeilded a return that exceeded significant investment.

However, research shows that online marketing has made steady and significant gains with those biggest gains primarily in search engine marketing and optimization, and no more evident than search engine giant 'Google'.

Additional articles suggest that both the Yellow Pages and New Zealand Post invest millions of dollars marketing the directory listing proposition, and while there is some value to specific businesses in being listed in a directory  research suggests that majority of consumers take to the web to research, compare and make informed decisions based on their own personal criteria. 

In addition and despite 'Green Fatigue', sustainability is a key issue and the future of paper-based marketing media and research suggests that it has begun a slow and steady slip into decline. Further research also suggests newsprint demand will decline by up to 56% between 2008 and 2020, while volumes for business papers and print will also fall by over 45%. There is no better time to support both the planet and your business by establishing a web presence to communicate with your customers.

Embracing new techology

Taking the first step is always the hardest  but it couldn't be a better time to embrace the new technologies available to your business.  New media may appear daunting at first but it could not be more simple to get a basic and functional website up and running.

Turboweb provide the level of support specific to our clients needs.  Every one of our clients are different with some requiring hand-holding and others a bear hug!  We provide a range of simple, easy-to-use tools to get any business "webbed".  The key things that your website should do are:
  • Tell your story - why are you in business and what is your point of difference
  • Support your sales initiatives with testimonials from your clients
  • Provide a crucials FAQs - what would someone with no knowledge of your business or pr
  • Commit to spending time on your website as regularly as possible to keep it fresh and up-to-date
Turboweb offer a professional full-service package including a domain name, personalised website, hosting and domain based email.  It's not uncommon to have separate businesses controlling each service making it time consuming and expensive to manage content, make changes and get the support needed. Our all in one package rolls all your services into one easy, low-cost monthly invoice with no contract and no commitment other than your time and effort to keep your online presence current.

Investment = Return

Can you imagine going from having no website to a $70k turnover online? This is the success story of just one of our clients who started using our Simple Content Manager at prices starting from just $20 per week. However your business intends to approach the internet and web-based marketing, in most cases it will cost you a lot more to do nothing than to get started.

We can customise a solution to suit your budget and provide the support and tools you need to build the confidence to take control of your business, online.  Now you have every reason to get started and no excuse not to.

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Round up all of your marketing or promotional material
  2. Make a short list of the things you want your website to achieve, budet and time frame to help us plan and provide the best possible solution
  3. Contact us!
We look forward to getting your website underway soon.

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