Update to the Simple Web Manager - 13th Oct 2011

We've just released an update to the Turboweb Simple Web Manager. According to our records we've actually done 48 updates in the last year (that's almost one a week) but this one is worth mentioning.

There's a few changes in the back end to tidy up workflow and make it easier to get around. From a development point of view we've been able to use some new approaches as the new generation of web browsers become more widely adopted - hint hint, it's time to upgrade from Internet Explorer 6!

We've also improved performance in some areas, especially when managing members on your mailing list. You may have noticed this if you have more than a thousand members and half a dozen groups or so. If this applies to you and you're still experiencing slowness, please let us know so we can have a closer look.

Finally we've added end dates to events which will let you specify that an event runs over a weekend, a week or however long.

We've got more things that we're in the process of working on - keep your eyes peeled.

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