Turboweb top tip: shortcut keys - 12th Oct 2016

Are you whizz at using keyboard shortcut keys while you're working? The Turboweb developers have been sharing their knowledge around the office and we thought you might like to learn some of the hot keys too. 

Copy, cut, paste

Rather than using the right click button on your mouse, these keys are great for copying, cutting and pasting text in word documents, emails and they even work in our Simple Web Manager administration when your writing your content. Don't forget to highlight your specific text first!
  • CTRL+X: Cut
  • CTRL+C: Copy
  • CTRL+V: Paste

Moving your cursor through text

This tip is great if you are working on large word documents or emails and it allows you to move your cursor across one word at a time.
  • Hold Ctrl and use the left and right arrow keys - the cursor will move one word right or left 

Snap a window left or right

This is great for putting two applications side by side so you can get some stuff done with them.
  • Hold down your Windows key and press Left or Right - this will take your currently active window and make it take up 50% of the left or right of your screen. You can then select another window to show on the other side.

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