Turboweb's Device Usage Survey - 1st Jun 2016

Everyone uses technology in a different way especially when it comes to mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers. Some people only work on an iPad; some people live on their mobile phone; and some people use a desktop computer for work every day.

Turboweb are always interested in learning about new trends and hearing how people use technology in their every day life. We've put together a quick and easy survey that will provide us, and you, with an overview of the most common devices used and what they are used for. 

The results of this survey will be published right here on our website at the end of June, and some results may even determine how we develop our Simple Web Manager platform and other services Turboweb provide. 

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Turboweb's Web Angel Quick Tip

Is your website mobile responsive? A mobile responsive website means your website is automatically resized when it is viewed on a mobile phone or other mobile device. During 2016, 56.1% of all mobile phone owners in the world will access the internet from their mobile phone, and that percentage will only increase. Now is the time to ensure your business is ready. Contact the Turboweb team to see how we can help make your website mobile responsive. 

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