Turboweb - providing great customer service since way back - 19th Apr 2016

"In any dealings with Turboweb, I have usually got the answers I needed over the phone, and in one instance where I was having issues, I reported it to Allison, and although she was not able to fix it over the phone, she assured me she would look into it and get back to me. 

I am so used to hearing people say that then NOT ring back, that it was a pleasant surprise to find that she had left a message on my answer-phone the very next night to say that she had had the techs look at the problem, and it was now fixed. That was superb service in these days of "I'll get back to you" - which often translates as "You'll never hear from me again." 

Graeme Rixon, director of Rictech Ltd, truly appreciates the great customer service the team at Turboweb provided to him from the inception of his website, right down to the fast response time from our support gurus. Read his full testimonial.


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