Turboweb makes using your website even easier - 13th Feb 2013

The latest Simple Web Manager release from Turboweb

Guru Bob and his team of Geeks are constantly working hard behind the scenes here at the Turboplex, doing awesome stuff to make Simple Web Manager better, and even more simple to use.

Here are just a few of the things we've added in the latest version of Simple Web Manager....
  • Store: Users can now configure terms and conditions for checkout and the client must tick the box to say they have agreed.
  • Banners can now have descriptions which appear overlaid at the bottom of the banner image.
  • Phone numbers entered in on your website's contact form are now stored against a contact. Also, phone numbers can be edited for contacts on the mailing list or imported/exported.

Wondering about the baby giraffe? Each of our releases are accompanied by an image to help you differentiate them; stay posted for our next release.

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