Team Member Profiles - Creating trust and credibility online - 4th Mar 2013

Turboweb Team Members - Would you trust this face?

We are in the process of updating the Team Profile section of our Turboweb website - check out the hot new profile pictures of the Turboweb team taken by photographer James Aitken

Two of the most important factors in a website are trust and credibility. Your website visitor wants to know they can trust you and that you deliver the services or products you are showing on your website.

One of the most effective ways to bring credibility to your website is to profile your staff members properly. People do business with people and the more you can do to help make that personal connection the better, you need to make them believe in you and your team and make them feel like you can deliver. You need to showcase the skills, passion and the person.

Get each team member to complete the following:
  • Name and job title
  • Brief description of what they do within the business
  • Why do they enjoy the job?
  • Do they have family? If so include brief details
  • Do they play sports?
  • Favourite pastimes and hobbies

Paul's hot tip: Get a decent photo to go with each team profile

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