Simple Web Manager - New features - 30th Aug 2013

Our developers are constantly working away behind the scenes in an effort to make Simple Web Manager even better and easier to use. Here are a few of the cool things that we have released lately...

Image captions

Image captions will now show on the website for all image layouts (except for "no layout"). Along with naming the image file, this caption can assist in search engine ranking, as well as providing information to non-sighted visitors to your website.

Image viewer

A new and improved image popup allows navigation between images in the popup view.

New gallery layout option

A flash new "Thumbnail" album layout option is now available to all of our Simple Web Manager clients. Check out the new Aquapole website to see it in action.

Coupon codes

Our e-Commerce websites now have the ability to use coupons as a promotional tool and also to encourage people to buy products. Some examples of coupons are:
  • Enter "MAY20" at checkout to get 20% off your order for May (only for orders over $200)
  • Enter "CASHBACK" at checkout to get $30 taken off your order - limit of 5 uses
NB: This functionality is by request only as it may not be compatible with your current website design. Please contact Turboweb for assistance.

ANZ E-Gate

You can now set up ANZ E-Gate as a payment method for all e-Commerce websites.

We have more exciting new features in the pipeline, so stay posted :)

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