Seeing an incorrect phone number on your website with your Google Ads? - 22nd Jan 2020

Seeing an incorrect phone number on your website with your Google Ads?

We’re stoked to see you’re doing Google Ads.
We’d like to tell you a bit about the experience a few of our customers have had recently with Google Ads run through Yellow Pages.
We’ve received a number of phone calls from our clients that the phone number displayed on their website is wrong, which has come as a surprise to us! From there, we’ve investigated and discovered that they’re running Google Ads through Yellow Pages.
Yellow Pages have been encouraging our customers to set up Google Tag Manager (GTM for short). GTM allows advertisers to inject code into your website. Yellow Pages are using it to inject some code into your website which overwrites your existing phone number and they actually put in a different phone number that then redirects to your phone, simply so they can track calls coming from your Yellow Google Ad Campaign.

There are a few reasons this is bad for business:

  • The phone number is injected onto the website (via GTM) changes before your eyes and could make your business seem very untrustworthy to potential customers.
  • Google could cache that incorrect phone number and so it could display for months. Which is a bad customer experience and bad for your SEO.
  • The incorrect number can lurk around and become a dead number. We’ve had customers stop advertising with Yellow, but the incorrect phone number has continued to display on their website and in Google results, yet it no longer redirects to their number, resulting in a complete loss of customers.

Here’s what we recommend:

  • If Yellow is asking you to set up GTM so they can ‘track calls coming from your Google Campaign’ we’d strongly suggest you don’t do it or at least ask more questions around it.
  • If you’re doing Google Ads with any business, our advice is to ask for a list of the keywords they’re targeting and a breakdown of where your money is being spent as you could be paying for terms that aren’t relevant to your business.
  • Also ask to see some of the creatives (the ads themselves) as they can sometimes have bad grammar, poor English, incorrect information and – as we’re discovering – the wrong phone number.
  • We’d recommend you Google your business and check the phone number is correct, if it’s different, contact Yellow. Also, click through to the page on the Google Ad and check your phone number, if it’s different, contact us and Yellow.
  • You can easily go into your website admin and add or remove your GTM code (it’s under Admin > Settings > Google >GTM Container ID). You then click ‘Save Changes’.

If you’ve set up GTM with Yellow Pages, please do have a quick look.


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