Security flaw affecting Internet Explorer - 16th Dec 2008

You might have heard about a pretty serious "zero day" flaw that is affecting Internet Explorer 7 ("zero day" just means that Microsoft has had no time to fix the problem before it was discovered by the computer cracking community).

As a result of this flaw, industry commentators and media outlets (such as the BBC) are recommending the use of another browser until the problems with Internet Explorer are fixed.  We also endorse this advice - it's the easiest alternative in our opinion.

At Turboweb we almost exclusively use Mozilla Firefox (or just "Firefox" for short) - this browser is fully featured and regularly updated.  If you want to try Firefox you can do so without it affecting your Internet Explorer installation and if you like it then simply stop using Internet Explorer.  You can download Firefox here.

One big advantage of using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer is that Firefox is an "open source" project.  This means that the source code (the instructions that go together to make the program function) is available for public inspection and improvement.  As a result there are thousands of developers worldwide contributing to the success of the program.

If you have any questions regarding Firefox and how it works, feel free to drop us a line.

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