Planning ahead for disaster (or even just a power cut!) - 14th Jul 2016

Disaster planning has become a hot topic in the business world since the Christchurch Earthquakes and many other large disasters throughout the World over the past few years. The question from here is, is your computer backed up and do you know how to recover those files?

We were recently without access to the internet at Turboweb for around 2 hours - well you would think the world had ended! As all the programs and services we use are online, there wasn't all that much we could do except drink coffee. 

After being without internet for a few hours, our team began discussing what would happen if we had no internet or power for a longer period of time. This has led to thoughts about what would happen if no one could travel to the office and what are the things we do every day that the business, and most importantly our clients, rely on.

Take a read through this article published recently on about basic back ups for your computer and if you've got any questions about back ups or disaster planning, then get in touch with the Turboweb Support team.


Following a disaster, statistics show ninety percent of companies fail within a year unless they can resume operations within five days. 

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