Onwards and upwards at the Turboplex - 19th Nov 2012

It's all go in the Turboplex. As we move into summer we also are moving into the back room. Lots of clients will be familliar with the awesome space out back that we use for our client seminars and workshops and we are currently on a mission to take it to the next level.

Our vision is to create a unique space as a design lounge, workshop area and work space. Our fantastic landlord has been working flat out straightening the floor out, running network cable and getting ready for the carpet to be installed.

We have been collecting various bits and pieces to create an old school 70's lounge in the corner. So far we have the classic couch and an awesome tea trolley thanks to Trademe. We are on the hunt for more classic bits to complete the 70's corner.

Many people have commented on the new exterior flags on the back wall on State Highway One. This is helping raise awareness of Turboweb and our location. Just remember you need to enter through the front door around the corner at 23 Vogel Street.

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