Oh Baby! A Stretch 'n' Grow story - 6th Jan 2011

We'd like to extend a big thank you to Baby On The Move!   They provided us with the opportunity to 'stretch' ourselves and get our head around some excellent and exciting challenges through the development of their website.   The result is the creation of a future proofed site that not only provides the right solutions now but will continue to evolve and fit their business model as they continue to expand.

The nature of their business requires a website smart enough to send orders to individual franchises based on location but to also tie their management, stock control and ordering systems to the website.   By doing this it has improved their response time to customers, and at the same time continues provide valuable and important statistics that pinpoint areas suitable for new franchises.

The site has been live for three months and co-owner, Claire Turner said "I'm really stoked.  The website is easy to navigate, looks refreshing and best of all it works!"

We asked Claire if she had any words of advice for others business owners facing a similar challenge in future proofing their business.  She said  "the key is to do your research.  Take the time to find someone you can work well with. Customising your site means divulging a lot of private information about your business and without rapport and trust it would not have worked.”

To see her advice in practice,  visit  www.babyonthemove.co.nz  


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