Momentum Plus - 11th Jul 2008

We are proud to have produced a new website with educational company MomentumPlus.

Company directors Darryl Goad and Andrew Hamilton have combined their experience from two vastly different fields to provide tools and knowledge for business growth, work-life balance, and personal development.

Both Darryl and Andrew are experts in their respective fields of personal development and business accounting and offer real solutions to real world problems.
Far too often the day to day grind of keeping the business running smoothly comes at a cost to the owner. They sacrifice their personal health, fitness, and general well-being, becoming overworked and stressed. True success comes from creating a balanced lifestyle, taking the time to look after yourself and having some fun along the way. If you're feeling good then you're going to make better decisions, it is so important that you invest in yourself just as much as you invest in the business says Goad.

MomentumPlus have utilised the Simple Content Manager to show the public what they have to offer by listing events, news, seminar brochures and giving an overview of the company ands its philosophy. The ability to simply update the website and keep it current is a real advantage for the two busy directors.

View their site at

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