Merry Christmas from Turboweb - 24th Dec 2009

Everyone at Turboweb extends their Christmas cheer to everyone. We've had a pretty full on year this year and learnt some lessons the hard way which have spurred us into planning some serious time in the New Year for the "thinking smarter, working smarter" approach. What this will mean for our customers is a much more efficient approach to getting what you really want.

Christmas Support

We're back on deck in full capacity on the 11th of January.  If you need to contact us over the Christmas break, call us on 03 474 5953 and leave a message, or get in touch via our contact form.

Got a New Year Project?

If you've been thinking about a project for the last little while now is the time to put those thoughts down in writing. Here's a starting point for you:
  1. Project Name (e.g. "website revamp")
  2. Project Aim (e.g. "to give more information about how Acme corp can customise widgets")
  3. Some aims to meet along the way - milestones - this way you can concentrate on a smaller number of steps at a time to make progress
  4. An example or two of someone else who has achieved what you want to  do
  5. A budget - while most people want to spend as little as possible it helps to know what your budget is up front in order to instantly dismiss inappropriate options
With this information you will have a starting point to talk to someone about your project.  Merry Christmas everyone and safe travels.

Paul, Aaron, Bob, Michael and Tonic.
The Turboweb Team

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