Merry Christmas from Turboweb - 20th Dec 2010

Christmas is almost upon us - we can tell because you have to fight the school kids to get down the main street and every other shop is sprayed in mock snow and sporting pine trees on their counters.  If we had our way we would insist that shops sprinkle sand through their doorways and have a sausage sizzle - that's a kiwi christmas.

Changes this year

We've seen big changes this year, in both our clients and ourselves.  Some of our clients have really taken off this year, especially PS Marketing with their great products such as Stoneline Cookware and Photo To Canvas, both of which you can get a hold of online or at the Meridian Mall.

As for us, we've moved to a new location (back in April) and more recently taken on a Nik Whiston-d'Ardis as our new office manager / geek wrangler (unfortunately she couldn't make our Christmas photo shoot).  We're looking forward to big things in the new year.  Well, actually we're looking forward to massive things in the new year.

Support over the break

Turboweb will be officially closed from the 23rd of December to the 17th of January, however we will still be on call to help you out with any problems so do be sure to call us.

All the best from the Turboweb team!

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