Mailchimp - if you can't beat em', join em' - 24th Nov 2017

Mailchimp - it's a great e-newsletter platform

MailChimp is a popular third-party platform that allows people interested in your work or products to subscribe and unsubscribe to mailing lists through a sign-up (or subscribe) form on your website.

Turboweb’s Simple Web Manager platform has always had its own basic mailing list functionality, however an increasing number of our clients (and ourselves) are now making use of MailChimp to send regular updates, newsletters, and promotions to their clients.

MailChimp is free if you have under 2000 subscribers and is super easy to use - allowing you to build templates, add images, link to products, and get feedback on how many people have interacted with your mailout (or campaign).

So how do you get started with Mailchimp through Turboweb?

• Create a new MailChimp account here
• Contact Turboweb by calling 0800 887 269 or email providing your new MailChimp details and we will take care of the rest (NB: Integration fee of $67.50+GST applies)
• Now, get to work creating your first mailout masterpiece

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