Kaitangata Goes For Gold - 4th Jun 2009

The Kaitangata Black Gold community website officially goes live on the 25th July.

The group use the Simple Content Manager to run their website and help facilitate the events, functions and groups they run.

They have a great range of objectives and need to be congratulated on their enthusiasm and ability to get the job done. Here are some of their objectives.
  • To coordinate the integration of the Kaitangata Black Gold marketing plan and heritage branding across the whole of Kaitangata and District
  • That residents and visitors actively participate within the community and hold positive perceptions of the Kaitangata and Districts communities alike
  • Community groups and external agencies cooperate and extend partnerships to coordinate projects and developments
  • Raise the profile of youth leadership through increased social participation and ensure youth representation in all undertakings within Kaitangata and Districts
  • Raise, preserve and utilise heritage awareness and appreciation of the unique cultural and historical identity of Kaitangata and Districts.
Kaitangata has a very strong community spirit and the many groups and clubs are testiment to that.

Check out their website at www.kaitangatablackgold.co.nz

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