Hospitality more than a name - 30th Apr 2010

Dunedin has some remarkable companies and one of the great things about our business is getting to work with some of them. One has recently provided us with a challenging website development that we are proud to announce has just gone live.  Southern Hospitality started in Dunedin in 1989 and has grown into a major player in the catering and hospitality industry with 13 showrooms around the country and more than 10,000 product lines.  Grant Jones, Southern Hospitality’s IT manager, told us they wanted something open source based with a content management system that would give them control over the site look and feel as well as the content.

It was a complex site to work on not only due to the large number of products ranging from teaspoons to furniture and because it has two different main customer types – one industry based and the other public shoppers – but also because they didn’t want to double up on data entry. That meant the site needed to be fed by their existing back end order system.

This is where Grant said we made a real difference because just as they have built their company around great personal service in the hospitality industry, we provided the human touch throughout the website development.  Like them we understand the importance of listening to our customers’ needs and spent the time to give Southern Hospitality the outcomes they were looking for.

Interesting fact: If you were to purchase one of each item Southern Hospitality has on its website it would cost you $2.3 million!  Check out the amazing product range at:

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