Getting traffic to your website from search engines - 21st Jul 2010

At a network meeting with clients from three different businesses the other day, I heard some interesting things. The clients were talking about radio, newspaper advertising and websites. The consensus was that newspaper and radio have their place but are an expensive option.

It was agreed that websites were very cheap advertising in comparison to traditional media. However, while a newspaper is delivered and a radio message is broadcasted, how do you get people to a website?

Search Engine Traffic

The cheapest and easiest traffic to a website is from a search engine like Google. Search traffic is generated by good quality on-topic content. If you are a plumber you want plenty of text based on plumbing related subjects on your website. If someone searches for plumbing on Google ideally your site shows up in the search results.

Google make their money providing good search results, that's why people use Google. Google search looks for the site/s with the best content related to the search topic.

Feed The Search Engine Beast

If the beast is hungry - we need to feed it. Give the search engine what it is looking for, good quality on-topic content therefore the content of your website pages should be on-topic. The next opportunity is to use news items. News items make your site look professional and up-to-date and the content in those news items help feed those elusive search engines.

What Content?

You can write a news item about anything, it's never fails to amaze me how people overlook interesting  stories they have to tell. Often things you may find mundane and ordinary can be of interest to your audience. For example, I spoke with a plumber and discovered their father is a craftsman plumber who specializes in restoration work for heritage houses. This is a great news item and if someone is searching 'restoration plumbing' this news item could attract them immediately. In reading the article they will see that you can provide historical restoration and contact to get you to do the work. That's the power of the Internet.


Good quality on-topic content feeds search engines, search engines get people to websites and news items make you look proactive.

Your news items do not need to be novels, two or three paragraphs is a good start. If you can't find the time to write them yourself consider hiring someone to do it. Turboweb can put you in contact with a good commercial writer if required.

Happy writing.
Article by Paul Southworth

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