Facebook Page or Profile? - 4th Oct 2013

Profile vs page for your business

Facebook profiles are for individuals to connect with their friends and family and share daily updates about their lives. Creating a Facebook profile for anything other than a person violates Facebook’s terms of service and you risk losing all your friends, photos and other data when Facebook unceremoniously terminates your account.

Benefits of a business page

Despite this we still see many businesses coming to us with Facebook profiles. If the Facebook police aren’t enough to dissuade you, here are a few more reasons why Facebook pages are better for business.

Search Engine indexing

Contrary to popular belief profile content as well as page content can be indexed by Search Engines depending on the privacy settings on profile accounts. However, pages have more opportunity to be search engine optimised, as they can be customised with tabs for example.

Facebook Page Insights

Page Insights is a free analytics tool that comes with your page, allowing admins to track follower engagement. This feature provides admins with demographic breakdowns, page views, engagement stats (comments, likes, etc.), video views, photo views, etc. This information is extremely valuable when measuring social media success.

Promotional tools

Facebook pages have promotional widgets you can used to attract more fans to the page, for example adding a ‘Like’ icon to your website means visitors can become Facebook without even leaving your website.


Facebook’s advertising platform allows you to extend your reach by creating specifically targeted ads based on demographic data, interest, employment etc.

Third party applications

Pages can install applications, such as polls, can be installed to increase fan participation.

If you need help setting up your Facebook Page or converting from a Profile to a Page contact us to discuss your needs with one of our Web Angels.

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