Exceptional Testimonial from Wayne Morris Upholstery, Dunedin - 16th May 2016

There is no better way to start a Monday morning than arriving at work to an email with an exceptional testimonial from a happy client. Upon Paul and Allison's first visit to meet with Coral at Wayne Morris Upholstery, Coral was very nervious and apprehensive about the process of getting a new website. With reassurance, guidance and support along the way, Coral's fears were soon overcome and she now has fabulous new website which she can edit herself and take charge of.

"Our new website looks modern and we are getting a great response from old and new clients. With a great team behind us and a simple to manage website, we can now whizz in and update it in a jiff. Thank you all at Turboweb." 

Aww shucks Coral, thanks for the great testimonal, it's been our pleasure to work with you.
Read Coral's full testimonial and take a peek at her new website.

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