Establishing trust & credibility online - Tip #2 - 3rd Sep 2013

Tip #2 Keepin' it real

The simplest way to do this is by adding your address and contact information to your website. This will instantly show visitors that you are a real organisation and not a faceless website.

Visitors will feel more comfortable dealing with your organisation, if they know they can contact you easily by phone or email – even if they don’t at first. Contact information will go a long way to maintaining your long-term credibility.

We encourage our clients to add a ‘About Us’ page that outlines the history of the organisation. The more a visitor feels they know about your organisation, the more trust they will have in it.

Photos and team bios are also a great thing to include on your website. They show that there are real people behind your website and business. Outlining their expertise in particular areas or by demonstrating that you’re an industry authority will also boost your credibility.

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